Under a Frankish castle

We arrived back in Rhodes tonight to meet tomorrow our friends Per and Elly, who kindly held a package or two on our behalf. 

This time, instead of going into the sterile marina, we anchored under the medieval walls built by the Knights Hospitaller of Saint John.  These walls withstood the Egyptian attack of 1444 and the Turk attack of 1480, but in 1522, with only 7,000 Knights to defend against an onslaught of over 100,000 Turks, the city fell for four centuries, until the Italians took it back in 1912.

11 July 2017.   Peregrinus  freshly arrived from Simi.  Leica Typ 114.

11 July 2017.  Peregrinus freshly arrived from Simi.  Leica Typ 114.